In the tide of industry consumption upgrading, the Chinese furniture and home improvement market has begun to show a new look. Recently, the "2017 Home Furnishing Online Shopping Consumer Trend Report" jointly released by JD Data Research Institute and Nandu Consumer Research Institute shows that all data indicators reflect the stage characteristics of the transition from emerging markets to mature markets: post-80s, post-90s Has become a core consumer group, the user's quality and personalized needs have increased significantly. For today's home users, there is no shortage of big names, customization, environmental protection, and quality.

And this is also verifying what Bai Bo, vice president of Zhejiang Tingshi Furniture said: "The current market environment is not only a unilateral inspection of product quality, but also the comprehensive strength of the brand.

Bai Bo, Vice President of Zhejiang Tingshi Furniture

Consumption upgrades young personalized products to drive the market

Zhejiang Tingshi Furniture is an independent sub-brand of Guosen Furniture. Why did it choose to cooperate with Tingshi Furniture? Bai Bo said, "This is really a coincidence." One day he saw a friend in the circle of friends sharing some new products of Guosen Furniture. With more than 10 years of furniture industry experience, he has developed a sharp eyesight. Bai Bo's mind immediately One voice: this has market potential. Sure enough, the subsequent product sales confirmed his forecast for the market. Guosen's solid craftsmanship, coupled with the brand's own corporate culture, has a certain influence in the industry. Choosing Tingshi furniture means that the brand has better quality and market guarantee.

Benefiting from consumption upgrades, the new generation of users only "please" themselves. Their sole purpose of consumption is to create a living environment where they can live more comfortably for themselves or the whole family. And this coincides exactly with the concept of "light luxury · art · home" proposed by Ting Shi Furniture.

Tingshi Furniture locates the brand on young consumers who are fashionable and pursuing the taste of life, and strives to create a poetic, design and tasteful home for everyone who loves life. Among them, listening to the poems, the Lily of the Valley series continues the French life feelings, and places the beautiful meaning of Lily of the Valley on the furniture. Through the designer's interpretation, a light French simple and fashionable life style is suddenly in sight. The New Chinese Style Listening Poetry · Song series draws on the essence of traditional Chinese aesthetics and puts more emphasis on the simplicity of lines, the matching of colors and the use of fashion elements to create a new Chinese living space full of charm.

"Fashion, design, and simple products will gradually replace monotonous and unified products." Bai Bo believes that "post-80s and 90s are the main consumers. We must listen to their needs and make products that conform to market trends, not blindly." Listen to the old generation ’s traditional furniture ideas. ”

Covering the whole country with spot and surface radiation

Today, competition in the industry market is becoming increasingly fierce. Traditional home stores are surrounded by a three-tier market, and the "law of fitting rooms" has begun to be staged.

"Furniture stores in some small areas have lost their past liveliness. Only a few customers in the hundreds of square meters of exhibition halls visit and buy, some customers also regard the home store as a" fitting room ". Tmall Jingdong placed an order. "Bai Bo noticed this phenomenon and believed that the most peripheral attack on the furniture market was the impact of online shopping.

The second is the threat posed by soft decoration companies. Through its own resources and other channels, the soft decoration company intercepts a part of the customer source of the furniture store, which is also the result of the segmentation of the home furnishing market. The final "barrier" is the local cross-border alliance, which intercepts the terminal customers.

Under these three layers of siege, there are very few customers who really flow to the mall, so the offline home stores are seriously affected.

In response to this situation, Bai Bo has developed a national promotion idea of ​​"pointing with noodles" for listening to poetry furniture-only selecting the most influential and appealing shopping malls for layout, so as to radiate and drive the surrounding areas. According to the traditional furniture division, the flagship flagship stores of Tingshi Furniture are basically distributed in municipalities and capital cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Changchun in the northeast, Chengdu in the southwest, Hangzhou in east China, and Dongguan in south China. Cities with active local furniture markets have also been included in key development targets, such as Foshan Lecong and Xianghe.

Mutual benefit and win-win out of local properties

In addition to the requirements for the geographic location of the home store, Bai Bo also has his own set of dealer choices. "We will give priority to the second generation of dealers who have ideas and are familiar with market operations when choosing the partner, that is, the dealer." Bai Bo explained to the reporter, "It is better to spend more time and energy to coach the 'married couple'." Concentrate resources and conduct coaching training for the second-generation distributors. "

Through twice-a-year training, targeted counseling in the early stage of the exhibition, and supervised monthly visits to the store, the poem brand uses actions to support dealers to develop the market. In addition, once the poem furniture is locked in the local target community and consumer groups, it will cooperate with designers, real estate and property representatives to help dealers strengthen the market.

"We assist dealers in negotiating with local properties, how to design model houses, and how to sell model houses in the later stage. These are the means to assist dealers." Bai Bo said that local serviced physical stores and real estate developers cooperated to strive for traditional furniture Kill the bleeding road in the store market to ease the competitive pressure of the furniture store.

Break the tradition and redefine the exhibition economy

A good product depends on packaging and marketing, and traditional furniture marketing mainly depends on trade fairs. When asked how to view the exhibition economy, Bai Bo expressed his thoughts that were not the same as those of the seniors.

"I don't think much of it. Corporate branding and brand awareness do need to be exhibited to improve, but I want to find partners through other channels. We can use furniture professional media such as cooperation with" Furniture Dealer "to let dealers from the media Connect the brand on the platform. For example, by holding designer activities to promote brand communication, so that products will be integrated into the designer channel, etc. Of course, there are many forms of participation, it is possible to participate in different design exhibitions, custom exhibitions, rather than fixed Traditional Furniture Fair. "

As early as September 2016, Tingshi Furniture signed a contract with the sixth space to reach a strategic cooperation. Through a comprehensive investigation of the brand, the sixth space introduced Tingshi furniture as a mainstream product into the existing design hall, boutique hall and other stores. Not only sticking to the traditional furniture exhibition, but to arrange the layout in various forms, this innovative thinking has won the dealer's high recognition of the listening poem brand.

A new wave of consumption has been formed. Tingshi Furniture inherits the industry heritage of Guosen Furniture, launches new high-end light luxury overall furniture, and creates products that are more in line with the aesthetics of modern young people. I believe that in the near future, the market will once again verify Bai Bo's prediction: "The light luxury style of listening to poetry furniture will be the vane and a new trend in the industry in the next two or three years."

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