Shenzhen Fuliyuan Furniture Co., Ltd. will appear at China Zhengzhou International Furniture Exhibition this year. It is a mid-to-high-end furniture enterprise integrating software furniture design, R & D, sales and service. China Zhengzhou International Furniture Fair and Shenzhen Fuliyuan Furniture Co., Ltd. invite you to gather in Central Plains.

Shenzhen Fuliyuan Furniture Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996. The company has built an industrial park in Shenzhen with an area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters, and Xinyang Industrial Park with an area of ​​more than 200,000 square meters. With more than 1,500 employees, it is a mid-to-high-end furniture enterprise integrating soft furniture design, R & D, sales and service.

Fuliyuan Furniture Co., Ltd.'s brands include "Lias", "Bicalo", "Miodivani", etc. It is a professional manufacturer of low-carbon and environmentally friendly furniture for families. On the road of serving the furniture industry, Fuliyuan has never stopped the pace of innovation and introduction. In recent years, it has been able to synchronize with its Italian and German partners in product design and manufacturing process. With the continuous development of the enterprise, the company has not only developed the domestic market, the products are sold well in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in the country, but also opened foreign stores, the products are exported to the United States, Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Israel, India Country and region. In just over ten years, Fuliyuan Furniture Co., Ltd. has become a leader in the Chinese furniture industry with its advanced management experience and advanced innovation awareness. Serving the furniture industry for more than 20 years, Fuliyuan has always respected the "quality-oriented, customer first" business philosophy, and constantly creates a "second living room" for elite families and noble residences at home and abroad, leading the world living room life Changes in methods and improvement of living standards. At present, Fuliyuan's products have been developed to match family sofas, dining chairs, functional chairs, and bed series. The overall home furnishing selection integration and combination methods have reached thousands, and the design, production, and supporting capabilities are at the international advanced level. The exquisite and durable products and the thoughtful and steady service have made Lias sofas satisfied by thousands of households and recognized by many elite customers.

In recent years, thanks to the rich experience and image accumulated in integrated furniture for many years, Lias sofa has been favored by many world famous brands that highly value the brand image, and has provided a series of personalized high-end fashion commercial displays for their branches in China. The counters allow their high-end quality to be fully visualized. There are more than 200 brand stores in China, and the average annual output of a single store is more than 1 million yuan, and there are more than 30 foreign stores. The annual delivery volume of Shenzhen local stores can reach more than 4 million. The contemporary furniture industry integrates with competition and develops with innovation. As a large-scale enterprise in the international furniture industry, Fuliyuan takes "Today is better than yesterday, and strives for perfection of 100 points" as its business goal, and "Quality-oriented, users first" is The business philosophy, "Sincere unity, pioneering innovation, pragmatic and efficient" is the business slogan, the whole company is united together, and constantly strives along the development direction of specialization, scale, modernization and internationalization.

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