In this ever-changing high-tech era, the booming biometric technology is stimulating our new needs, gradually changing the way we live, and quietly spreading around us.

When we pressed the finger on the fingerprint collection window, the door in front of it was automatically opened. The way to open the door with the key was gone. If the lens of this pointing door is put in the past, we can't believe it. It is a shot in a science fiction movie, or a dream of Nanke. However, fingerprint recognition technology has made this impossible into reality.

The world's richest man, Microsoft founder Bill Gates once predicted: "Biometric technology, that is, the use of human physiological characteristics, such as fingerprints, irises, etc. to identify individuals, will become an important innovation in the IT industry in the next few years." As a fingerprint recognition technology in biometrics technology, fingerprint lock is used as a carrier to apply to real life. Fingerprint locks have developed to a certain extent in European and American countries, and have become indicators for measuring the quality of life and life. However, the development of China's fingerprint locks is still in its infancy, and the development trend shows a new round of demand.

The first big demand: durability

Since ancient times, our basic understanding of door locks has been to require them to be durable. Durability has become our basic need for fingerprint locks. Because no one wants to install a fingerprint lock today, and can't wait to change it to a new one tomorrow.

According to the research data of biological research experts, the average person's fingerprint repetition probability is one billionth, and after the person reaches 8 years old, the fingerprint is basically fixed, then the fingerprint is unique and non-replicable. In the fingerprint technology can provide reliable and accurate identification, and can be reset and deleted fingerprints, measure the quality and safety of a fingerprint lock, mainly in the life of the door lock, durable and naturally extend the door The service life of the lock. This is not only the price of the fingerprint lock is generally higher than the mechanical lock, but the installation of the door lock will cause many inconvenient factors.

Especially nowadays people have a faster pace of life, and their minds have been plagued by busy work and flooding of information. If the door locks are not durable, such problems often occur, and they have to change their minds to change, then the high-tech fingerprint lock Instead, it will become a burden. In fact, we can ask a very simple question, why should we install a fingerprint lock, because it can save a lot of unsafe troubles. This is the mental cognition of the door locks for five thousand years.

Mental cognition highlights the need for durability and is a measure of the quality of a fingerprint lock and its safety performance. Durability is our way of choosing a fingerprint lock. This is manifested in the US Keylock high-end fingerprint lock with "100-year door lock". Its life test is up to 400,000 times. The strategic intention is to position itself as a durable fingerprint lock, showing its long service life. , to meet the needs of fingerprint lock durability.

The second largest demand: universalization

Now, the market for fingerprint locks in China is mainly used in engineering projects and some high-end venues. However, the fingerprint lock can become a representative of another generation of door locks after mechanical locks, password locks, and induction locks, and will naturally become a trend of popularization.

The reason why the fingerprint lock has a popularization trend is because the fingerprint lock is compared with other mechanical locks, password locks, and induction locks: high security, non-reproducibility, strong memory, can be unlocked in public, high portability, never Will be lost, anti-theft. Moreover, fingerprint locks have become a symbol of high quality of life.

Now, as long as the market is dominated by high-end foreign brands and low-end domestic brands. Relative to consumers, fingerprint locks are similar to luxury goods. The recognition of fingerprint locks is not high enough, and it is generally in the stage of education.

In the popularization of the market, most fingerprint lock brands are focused on engineering projects, and the popularity of the civilian market is basically blank. There is still a huge space like the traditional mechanical lock retail market. By visiting major building materials markets, hardware markets, hardware stores, etc., you can find that the mechanical locks still play the leading role, and the fingerprint locks are only sporadically appearing in some high-end building materials centers.

The need for universalization has not yet been stimulated, giving many investors the opportunity to enter the fingerprint lock brand. The key to grasping the business opportunity lies in the different price requirements of the fingerprint lock and the mechanical lock: the fingerprint lock is generally several times or even hundreds of times more expensive than the mechanical lock, which is undoubtedly a barrier that hinders the development of the fingerprint lock. However, the trend of universalization of fingerprint locks is irreversible.

The third biggest demand: fashion

Fashion is the hallmark of progress in this era. As a new tool to change lifestyle, fingerprint locks continue to lead the fashion of quality home life and space.

This is mainly reflected in the fingerprint lock process structure and design creativity. Especially the appearance of foreign fingerprint lock brands, popular lines and harmonious colors, let us gently touch each day, from the feeling that we are enjoying a fashion feast.

If fashion has created the fashion of the clothing industry, then the fingerprint lock is the pioneer of the fashion of the door lock industry. Fashion is worn on the body, let us feel that the fashion elements are jumping; and the fingerprint lock is mounted on the door, let us enjoy the fashion into the life of bits and pieces.

With high-end brands such as the United States, South Korea, and Israel, the company emphasizes the fashion design and surpasses the general door lock materials in the process materials. According to a US high-end fingerprint lock brand promotion, its design is to invite celebrities in the international fashion industry to design, showing its efforts to pursue fashion and meet the needs of people's fashion.

However, the application of fashion to the fingerprint lock has certain limitations in the craft, unlike fashion, which can render colorful. Therefore, the development of fingerprint lock fashion will not be a popular, but patented technology innovation. It is specifically pointed out here that it is hoped that fingerprint lock companies will be aware of the importance of this.

The fourth largest demand: intelligent

In China, real estate is still the pillar industry of national economic development, and the intelligentization of real estate advocacy is a major demand for the development of fingerprint locks to intelligent development.

As China's urban process continues to accelerate, the momentum of China's real estate boom will not diminish, and as a real estate accessory product, fingerprint locks, naturally have their own development space. Any real estate project consistently emphasizes a concept, that is, intelligent home, the use of fingerprint locks, will naturally raise the image of the project, so that the project packaging implementation to the details, reflecting the high quality of real estate projects.

This is why fingerprint locks are popular in engineering projects. Of course, there are also smart phones, smart furniture and so on that are catalyzing the trend of intelligence. We all have such a perception now that intelligent products are good and represent the identity and status of users.

This is a trend triggered by multiple demand. Whether it is an engineering project to achieve its intelligent improvement, or the pursuit of intelligent enjoyment of civilian life. The trend of intelligent fingerprint locks is inevitable in China. Otherwise, many fingerprint lock brands are now promoting the concept of intelligence, but unfortunately do not grasp the core elements of intelligence.

The fifth largest demand: early warning

Contradictions exist. We cannot ignore the existence of contradictions and give up defense. Although the development of early warning of fingerprint lock is not the most important factor in the development of fingerprint lock, we can let us prepare for the conflict when the danger is contradictory. This is the embodiment of a feature in the fingerprint lock.

According to Maslow's theory of the hierarchy of human needs, security is the basic need of human nature. Therefore, a large number of rich people now lack security and need some early warning functions and settings to achieve their own security. This adds to the special function of adding a certain item to the fingerprint lock.

In addition, some natural disasters and uncontrollable factors exist. For example, when the temperature of the room is beyond the human body's tolerance, the fingerprint lock has the function of natural reporting and opening the door, etc., all of which reflect the need for early warning of the fingerprint lock.

This may create a very interesting question, which is that the fingerprint lock can be differentiated, and naturally it will be better in branding. Because the opportunity to open a new category is at the moment.

The sixth largest demand: diversification

Many fingerprint locks are now available in a single style. A Korean brand of fingerprint locks, there is only one style, when consumers need to see more than one color, basically can not find the second product.

Although this has a corresponding and single item for branding, when a consumer does not like the silver look, the brand basically loses its sales role. This may be the problem that the process mentioned above cannot be broken.

Diversified Demand Many domestic brands have done a good job, especially in appearance, not only to create children's fingerprint locks in the 12 Zodiac, but also different styles and different colors, so that consumers can greatly improve their selectivity.

It is necessary to remind the fingerprint lock brand, not the more styles, the better, according to the market dynamic information, combined with the cognitive characteristics of their own consumers, develop different types at different stages, and constantly replace the original style with new styles. Let consumers feel that the products are diversified.

The seventh largest demand: convenience

Convenience is already an advantage of fingerprint locks, but consumer demand needs to be convenient from physical products to contextual experiences. This is the embodiment of the leap from quantity to quality.

Convenient advantage of fingerprint lock From the product point of view, you don't have to carry the key with you, and say goodbye to the era when the key is opened. If there is no key, you naturally have no trouble forgetting to take the key, find the key, and lose the key.

However, consumers want to switch the door instantly, the fingerprint lock can give consumers more convenient experience. This is the fingerprint lock enterprise must pay attention to, especially in the development of the civilian market, if there is no focus on the convenience of demand, then in the image store does not render the function of the scene experience, consumers can not recognize the fingerprint lock Added value.

The needs of consumers have already told us that this is a different era. The fingerprint lock is not only a convenient trend in function, but also has a convenient value performance in the scenario experience. People need a sense of superiority psychologically.

The eighth largest demand: branding

Brand consumption is an inevitable trend, and fingerprint locks are no exception. Since most fingerprint lock brands are focused on engineering projects in the near future, most of the project projects rely on relationship marketing. Therefore, most fingerprint lock companies are not effective in branding.

Although door locks are products of low interest rate, they are not as popular as consumers of fast-moving consumer goods. But branding is essential. In terms of brand promotion, Keylock of the United States, Samsung of South Korea, and Model Emperor of Israel are all focused on creating a high-end fingerprint lock brand. The first is based on the economical fingerprint lock, and Ediel is working on it. "Your door lock expert" tried to transition to "your fingerprint lock expert", and Arthur recently promoted the creation of a category of intelligent riot locks and so on.

In addition, in terms of credibility marketing, the gold finger code uses the Olympics, Probak also uses the Bird's Nest to show a good brand development momentum, but the brand lacks the expression of connotation.

In particular, huge market demand exists. Now some fingerprint lock brands have invested in marketing, dare to invest a lot of money to play TV commercials, trying to support in attracting investment, and inciting the huge market of fingerprint locks. But in the process of branding, it may take a little effort. Otherwise, it’s not just a sigh: “I know that half of my advertising costs are wasted, but I don’t know that half.” It’s the time to waste all corporate resources and build brands.

Brand is the future, fingerprint lock is the future, and demand is the future. I hope that China's fingerprint lock enterprises can grasp the demand and build the future of the fingerprint lock brand.

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