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Belt conveyor skills and application

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-02-22

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Belt conveyor is the most important modern bulk material transportation equipment; it widely uses electric power, food, metallurgy, chemical, coal, mining, port, building materials, etc. These years; belt conveyor because of its operation Wide range of feeding materials, wide shipping capacity, habitual hauling of transporting roads, and sensitive loading and unloading materials and low reliability; it has gradually begun to replace cars and locomotives in certain areas. It has become the primary equipment for bulk material transportation; Playing an increasingly important role in the socio-economic layout. Uniquely, the electric drum-driven belt conveyor has more unparalleled advantages and potential in the bulk transportation process of the grain storage. So we open up our minds, try our best to make innovations and contact The original common sense and existing materials of the individual are different and perfected. In this process, the individuality of the individual can be checked to make the scale of its application more and more important in all aspects of the national economy.
Speeding up the development of belt conveyors. The unique belt conveyor with electric drum as the driving equipment has extremely important meaning. It has compact layout, high transmission efficiency, low noise, long service life, stable operation and operation. It has the characteristics of good reliability, good sealing and small space. It can be used in various harsh working environments, including wet, muddy, dusty, etc. Therefore, the belt conveyor (electric drum drive) is widely used in mining at home and abroad. , grain, metallurgy and other production areas; the continuation of ideas, the continuous advancement of production skills and the continuous improvement of production materials; belt conveyors will be carried out at an unprecedented speed to ensure efficient, safe and reliable operation of bulk material handling operations; It will continue to play an increasingly important role in the social and economic development.
There are two key problems in the development of today's long-distance transporters; one is the starting and handling problem of the belt conveyor; the other is the output power control problem of the belt conveyor. In actual use; the conveyor belt is a viscous elastomer; The dynamic response of the conveyor belt of the belt conveyor to the starting brake of the driving equipment is a very complicated process; because of its heavy load and inertia; the starting is not stable; the starting current has a large impact on the grid; and the braking force and inertia The stress change occurring under the effect of the force is quite large; the instantaneous change causes the load to change; the damage of the roller will be accelerated; and the service life of the conveyor belt will be shortened.
There are many types and types of belt conveyors produced in China. During the “Eighth Five-Year Plan” period, the “one-day production of 10,000 tons of fully mechanized mining equipment” was implemented in the country; the skill level of the belt conveyor has made great progress. The research on the key skills of high-power and long-space belt conveyors in coal mines and the development of new productions have made great progress. For example, large-angle long-distance belt conveyors, high-yield and high-efficiency work surfaces can be elasticized. Belt conveyors have filled the domestic gap; theoretical research and product development have been carried out on the key skills of the belt conveyor and its primary components; the development of a variety of soft start and brake equipment and PLC-centric Programmable electronic control equipment; the drive system uses variable speed hydraulic coupling and planetary gear reducer. Currently; the primary skill characteristics of the belt conveyor in China's coal mines are shown in Table 2.
The main parameter is the slotted elastic belt conveyor and the inclined shaft fixed type strong belt conveyor. / 2000~3000 3000
Belt speed / m. S-13. 5~4 4~5; up to 8
Shipping volume / t. H-1 2500~3000 3000~4000
Total driving power / kW 1200 ~ 2000 1500 ~ 3000
Up to 10100
The interval between the key center skills of the large belt conveyor (1) Dynamic analysis and monitoring of the belt conveyor. The long-distance of the high-speed belt conveyor is the dynamic depiction and monitoring; it restricts the development of large belt conveyors. Central skills. At present, China uses rigid theory to analyze belt conveyors and formulate accounting methods and depicting specifications. In the depiction, a high safety system is applied to the conveyor belt (usually taking n=10 or so); it is far from the actual situation. In fact, the conveyor belt is a viscoelastic body; the dynamic response of the conveyor belt to the driving and braking force of the long-distance belt conveyor is a very complicated process; it cannot be simply explained and accounted by rigid body mechanics. Developed the dynamic depiction method and application software of the belt conveyor; dynamic analysis and dynamic monitoring of the dynamic tension of the conveyor on the large conveyor; reduced the safety system of the conveyor belt; greatly extended the service life; ensured the reliable operation of the conveyor So that the depiction of the large belt conveyor reached the highest level (conveyance belt safety factor n = 5 ~ 6); and the conveyor Equipment costs, especially transport costs with a significant decline.
(2) Robust controllable soft start skill and power balance skill Long interval large capacity belt conveyor because of high power, long interval and multi-machine drive; it is necessary to use soft start method to reduce the conveyor brake tension; unique is multi-motor drive In order to reduce the impact on the power grid; soft start should have a time-sharing slow start, but also control the conveyor start speed of 0. 3 ~ 0. 1 m / s2; handle the speed of the belt and the drive belt synchronization problem And transporting the appearance of swells; reducing the impact on the components. Because of the production errors and motor characteristics errors; the power of each drive point will be uneven; once a certain motor power is too large, it will lead to the burning of the motor; thus; The power balance should be controlled; and the balance accuracy should be advanced. Many domestic speed control fluid couplings are used to complete the soft start and power balance of the conveyor; the start and power balance and synchronization of the long interval belt conveyor are processed. Sexual problems. However, there is still a certain interval between the precision and the reliability of the adjustment. In addition, the long-interval high-power belt conveyor requires a coal conveyor speed; The speed of the belt is tested; although the speed-regulating fluid coupling completes the soft start and power balance; it is also necessary to develop a stepless hydraulic speed control device with a suitable long interval. When the single machine power is >500 kW; the controllable CST soft The start shows superiority. Because the controllable soft start is the combination of the inner ring gear of the planetary gear reducer and the wet friction clutch (ie viscous transmission). The soft start and power balance are completed through the proportional valve and the control system; Accuracy can reach more than 98%. But the price is expensive; urgent need for localization.
In order to get used to the demand of high-yield and high-efficiency intensive production; the transportation of belt conveyors must be increased. Long interval, high belt speed, large volume and high power are the inevitable trends to be carried out in the future; it is also the development of high-yield and efficient mine transportation skills. Direction. In the next 10 years, the transportation volume should advance to 3000~4000 t/h; also advance to 4~6m/s; the shipping length should reach 3000m for the elastic belt conveyor. About the steel cord core strong belt type The conveyor needs to be extended to more than 5000m; the single-machine drive power demand reaches 1000-1500 kW; the conveyor belt tensile strength reaches 6000 N/mm (steel rope core) and 2500 N/mm (steel rope core). Especially in coal mines The development of flexible transport skills; the presentation of high-yield and efficient work surfaces and the continuous development of coal technology; the original elastic belt conveyor; whether it is the main parameter; it is still difficult to get used to the high-yield and efficient work surface; At the coal mine site, there is an urgent need for long-distance, large-capacity, high-power, slot-type elastic belt conveyors with larger main parameters, more advanced skills, and more reliable functions; to advance the depiction level of China's belt conveyor skills; Inside the gap; close to and catch up with the skill level of the world's leading industrial countries. It includes seven key skills: (1) belt conveyor dynamic analysis and monitoring skills, (2) soft start and power balance skills, (3) center drive skills, (4) active Zhang Tight skills, (5) new high-life high-speed roller skills, (6) rapid self-moving tail skills, (7) efficient storage skills; equipment high and low operating rate depends on the function and reliability of the components. In addition to further improvement and advancement The function and reliability of existing components; continuous development and research of new skills and components; such as high-function controllable soft start skills, dynamic profiling and monitoring skills, efficient storage equipment, rapid self-moving tail, High-speed idlers, etc.; the function of the belt conveyor is further advanced.
Broaden the functions of transporting people, transporting materials or two-way transportation; making multi-purpose use of one machine; promoting the greatest economic benefits. Developing special-type belt conveyors; such as zigzag belt conveyors, large dip angles or straight lifting conveyors.

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