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Adopting BIM design concept Project Liu Huaming Mingyou Village

At present, the design phase of the Kunming Eastern Eco-City project has been completed. According to the two-month deadline set by the project, the Yunnan Design Institute sent three designers to be responsible for the team, led by Jin Xiaofeng. How do Jin Xiaofeng respond to the urgent problems that need to be solved in the eastern eco-city project in Kunming?

First, build too many questions. As the project leader, Jin Xiaofeng clearly recognizes that an excellent tool must be used to improve their work efficiency. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to complete this project with the support of traditional ideas and tools. Jin Xiaofeng's solution is to adopt the BIM design concept and design with the Autodesk Revit 3D design tool as the core. This tool helps designers to apply all the built dimensions very accurately and can be analyzed from different angles, including indoor and outdoor spaces. After these tasks were completed, Jin Xiaofeng was delighted to find that the workload of the entire designer did not increase much.

3D view of the S4 apartment in the Eastern Eco-City

Renderings generated by Revit Architecture - Eastern Eco-City - Garden House

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