General knowledge of disaster prevention and reduction 1. If the pan is on fire, it should be quickly covered with a lid and should not be poured with water.

2. When the appliance catches fire, cut off the power first and then use a wet quilt or wet clothes to extinguish the fire.

3. When the gas tank catches fire, immediately close the cylinder valve, cover it with a rag, bedding, etc., and cover it with a gas cylinder to suffocate the flame and cool the bottle body with cold water.

4. It is best to take a low profile when you are escaping. Escape along the edge of the wall. Cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel or wet handkerchief, etc., and move quickly away from the direction of the fireworks.

5. If you pass through the flame area, you should wet the clothing first or wrap it in a wet quilt or blanket and pass quickly.

High-rise fire emergency points 1. Do not use elevators when you are escaping, and do not jump blindly.

2. When the passage is closed by fire, if you want to escape, you can approach the window and the balcony for help. At the same time, close the window and welcome the fire, use a wet towel, damp cloth to block the door seams, water to penetrate the room to prevent smoke from entering and wait for rescue.

Gas emergency response points 1. When a gas leak is found, immediately close the gas source valve, quickly open the doors and windows for ventilation, and evacuate personnel.

2. Be gentle in action and avoid sparks from metal friction.

3. Never open or close any electrical equipment to avoid static sparks and explosions.

4. When the liquefied gas tank catches fire, quickly soak it with a soaked towel, bedding, and clothing, and immediately close the liquefied gas tank valve.

Ring card player emergency points

Never use hard objects and hard objects to forcibly take the ring and iron sheet. You can either soak your hands in cold water, or prepare some ice cubes to rub the stuck fingers, and then use oil and soapy water to cover your fingers. Gently turn the ring and turn the ring down. If you do this, your fingers won't come out. If your fingers are red and swollen, don't try again. Call 119 to help the fire department.

When properly report a fire, say five points clear <br> <br> the event of fire, danger, should be how to properly report a fire? We must pay attention to the following 5 points when we call the police:

The first is to clarify the location of the building on fire, the floor, and the landmark buildings around it;

The second is to explain the substance of the fire, the size of the fire, and to clarify whether there are any explosives on the spot;

The third is to make it clear whether there are people trapped at the scene;

The fourth is to indicate the identity of the alarm person and keep the communication open;

Fifth, before the fire truck has reached the fire, it is necessary to check the fire at any time and report the fire brigade.

Pp Woven Bag is also called PP woven sack,polypropylene woven bags,sack bags. 

It is  made from very strong light weight cloth, PP woven sacks are ideal for cost effective packaging. They can be supplied in a variety of styles including coated cloth(laminated fabric), lined (either sewn in or hemmed at the mouth),with block bottoms or gussets.

Many sizes are available and can be printed up to 3 colors. The bags can be manufactured as per customer's specific requirements.

Here is more details:

Raw Material:100% polyethylene new material

Color:as per your requirement like white, yellow,red ,stripe and black color

Printing:One side or both sides in multi-colors,offset print or color print

Size:As your requirement

Fabric weights/m2:40gsm to 200 gsm

Surface Dealing:Anti-slip or plain

Bag Top:Heat cutting,cold cutting or hemmed

Sealing:Single/double fold,single/double stitch bottom

Liner:coated or with liner bag for moistureproof

Packing:500pcs/bundle(bale),1000pcs/bundle(bale) or as the customized

Our product range :

The PP woven bags includes:

 woven bags,

sugar bags,

cement bags,

rice bags,

laminated bags,

woven poly bags,

sacks bags,

woven polypropylene bags, 

polypropylene woven bags,

packaging bags,

PP woven laminated bags with block bottoms.

 Laminated woven polypropylene bags

PP woven+BOPP laminated bags

PP woven+ Kraft paper bags

Sand Bags

Woven polypropylene bags with polyethylene lining

Woven polypropylene bags with paper lining


Fields of application:

Agricultural (seed and animal feed)

Recycled materials (paper, plastic, rubber etc.)

Food ingredients

Engineering parts (metal or plastic)

Courier industries (one way or multi-trip)

Minerals and quarry products






Packing Photo:


Packing Photo:

PP woven bag

PP Woven Bag

Pp Woven Bag,Laminated Pp Woven Bag,Pp Woven Shopping Bag,Pp Woven Packing Bag