With the advancement of society, science and technology and culture, the security of mechanical locks has become less and less satisfying the needs of the people and has gradually withdrawn from our vision. As a result, smart locks have gradually replaced the mechanical locks as an industry trend. When it comes to smart locks, the public’s knowledge or use of it still stays in some public places such as offices, schools, hotel rooms, and banks. But in fact it has entered our home, many users are using it, but their function you really understand? Here's to tell everyone you may not know the function of the smart lock!


Fruit smart lock function

1. A variety of unlocking methods: the elderly can use the bus card, children use the IC card, the guests use the password, the couple use a key to open the door, a temporary visit to use a one-time password, the use of authorized friends and relatives, a key to open the phone, etc., can follow their own Family situation settings.


2. Remote security management: remote authorization to open the door, real-time attention to the situation of the lock. Whether there is no lock door, open door, with or without lock. You can see these situations on your phone. Alert situation in time to understand.

3.360 degree peace of mind protection: keyhole change, the door lock was moved, the password is wrong, open the lock will alarm. The 50 virtual passwords are unlocked without fear. Robust lock protection, dual architecture core protection design. If the mobile phone is lost and the password is stolen, the password can be modified in time to solve these problems.

4.APP convenient operation: The mobile phone opens the door with a key, remote authorization opens the door, the door opening record can inquire, the warning information reminds. The mobile phone is set to unlock, door lock information, and door lock security.

5. Humanized settings: low battery safety alarm, battery below safety, mobile phone reminder, door lock voice alarm. Free handle, prevent violence from unlocking. Mentioned on the lock, safe and convenient. External charging interface, the door lock can not enter the door without power, use the charging treasure or 9V power supply, the link can be unlocked. Avoid disturbing the rest of the family at night and turn off the door opening sound. Two door cards are standard, making it easier to open the door.

After reading it, I really think that these features are super practical. It is convenient, safe, and fast. It is simply not easy to use. Being familiar with these features will make it possible to better protect your family and make you feel at ease.

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