Smart lock market is currently hot, so many companies have entered, have the opportunity and money to make many smart lock companies to succeed. However, smart locks need to solve these four problems if they really want to become the smart home industry.

Four Problems to be Solved in the Development of Smart Lock Industry

1, product safety and reliability issues

Whether it is traditional mechanical locks or smart locks, the first priority is to ensure safety. Smart door locks rely on the perfect combination of mobile internet, mechanical manufacturing technology, mechanical anti-theft technology, electronic encryption technology and authentication technology. Many performances need to be developed and perfected, which takes a certain time to complete. For example, most current smart lock products do not use remote unlocking. One of the important reasons is that many vendors cannot ensure the security of cloud services.


2, the problem of excessive price

At present, the market price of most smart locks is in the range of 2,500-4,000 yuan. For consumers, this price is undoubtedly too high, which largely hinders their desire to purchase. At the same time, many smart locks and door plants are not designed to fit each other. This leads to smart locks to the door factory to require more complex installation and commissioning, further pushing up the cost of installation and commissioning and sales and maintenance.

3, the problem of incomplete after-sales service system

Smart door locks are an industry that requires high service. The product characteristics of smart door locks determine that its installation must be timely and the repair speed must be fast. Smart door locks have different user installation conditions. For example, the matching of the thickness of anti-theft doors is not the same. Installation or maintenance of smart locks requires professional after-sales staff to come to the door. However, at present, the entire industry has just started. The industrial support in this area is extremely imperfect, which seriously restricts the rapid development of this industry.


4, the problem of mixed industry

With a large number of new players flooding into the smart door lock industry, the entire market presents a mixed situation. This is a double-edged sword for the industry: On the one hand, the entry of a large number of new players has contributed to the flourishing scene of the industry, which has accelerated the popularization of the smart lock concept and shortened the cycle of market education. On the other hand, because the market is weak, the entry of a large number of new players will also bring problems such as market saturation and excessive competition. In addition, emerging industries generally have various problems, such as immature technology, poor access, and operations. Inexperience, lack of cooperation with the supply chain, etc., and failure to resolve these issues in a timely manner can easily lead to the formation of erroneous consumer perceptions and adversely affect the development of emerging smart locks.

As long as the smart lock industry gradually solves the above four problems in the process of continuous development, I believe that smart locks will also truly open the door for smart home users!

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