For Lanmute integrated ceiling, maybe many people are not familiar with! As the top ten integrated ceiling brands, Lanmute integrated ceiling is a bit low-key, Lanmute integrated ceiling has not invested a lot of advertising, but gradually through the form of reputation, with advanced production equipment, excellent design talent, efficient and efficient logistics Service, how does Lanmet integrated ceiling? Take a look at how to choose integrated ceiling!

Now there are many varieties of pinch on the market, such as coated sheet, nanoplate, roll-coating board, frosted board, etc. The roller-coating board is directly painted on the aluminum board at a high temperature of 280 degrees. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic (low formaldehyde emission. National standard 15 times), not easy to change color. The film is glued with a film of PUC. One is not environmentally friendly (including formaldehyde) and the other is discolored quickly (it will change color in the sun for two hours), so it is best not to choose a film.

How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of gussets?

A. Look: The surface of inferior buckles looks uneven and there are particles. The high quality board looks very flat and the panel is soft.

B. Smell: Using a lighter to burn the corner of a poor quality board, it burns in 30 seconds, and there is a pungent odor of burning charcoal. Even if the rolling paint is resistant to oily smallpox, it will burn yellow.

There will be no irritating odor.

C, touch: the temperature of the surface of the coated plate is the temperature of the plastic, so it is relatively high, to be a little warmer, the temperature of the surface of the plate is the temperature of the metal, to be cool one.

D. Listen: With the corner of the hand-held panel, gently tap the center of the panel, the sound of the membrane is boring, and the sound of the roller-coating board is crisp.

E, scraping: difference between the quality of the roller-coating board, the poor roll-rolled board will have a slight burst in the bending, hand scraping will scratch the surface layer, a good pinch plate is not




(Be light and flat) The thicker the better, there are many people think that the thicker the buckle, the better. In fact, the thickness is not necessarily good. The international standard of the aluminum buckle is 0.5mm. There is a black seam in the middle of the aluminum plate. . The aluminum used in the roll-coating is made of aluminum, magnesium and manganese. The higher magnesium content is about 1.3-1.8% to increase the elasticity of the machine. The addition of manganese can increase the machine's capacity. The rigidity of the material is about 0.1-0.3. Depends on the quality of the aluminum used, the poor quality of the aluminum plate can only increase the thickness to ensure rigidity. And there is no toughness. So it's not thick enough. It's not good to shake your hand and feel buzzing.

Face coating, different areas with different gussets, the kitchen to use anti-oil aluminum, and the bathroom can choose some soft and warm romantic colors, of course, the key to match your family's overall style, such as wall tiles, floor tiles , And the color of cabinets.

How to choose a brand: Regular brand products generally have a brand protective film on the board side, metal side of the ceiling also has a brand of steel stamps, on the back of the factory date, brand name and ISO9001 international quality system certification of computer coding, small manufacturers of products on There is no such branding or it is vague.


Electric appliances

The electrical appliances in the integrated ceiling industry, like the automotive industry, rely mainly on assembly. None of the integrated ceiling companies have the ability to produce all of their accessories.

The above is a small series of how to choose the knowledge of the choice of integrated ceiling, you have better suggestions, please contact the Xiaobian!

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Other outstanding properties of these laminated plates are its structure is almost homogeneous and therefore the plates are greatly resistant to delamination. Combustion of its bonding agent will not result in exudations of deleterious nature. They can withstand temperatures up to 500° C in Continuous service and up to 800° C in intermittent service. They virtually release no smoke or odor when exposed to odor when exposed to heat

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