The intelligent network camera brand Zhongwei Century H411, with its own cloud platform can rotate, monitor no dead angle, has a voice intercom function, and can also alarm in real time on the mobile phone. Zhongwei Century H411 is mainly composed of simple black and white tones, and the sparkling 10 LED lights are very bright. The seemingly simple machine, the structure is not simple, the optical casing actually has 10 pieces of material splicing, but the stitching seam is handled quite well, and there is no feeling of splicing.
Intelligent network camera
Performance advantages:
Equipped with a wall bracket, in addition to being directly mounted on the table, it can be mounted on the wall or hoisted on the ceiling. There is no fear of invisible dead angles. The pan/tilt can be adjusted horizontally and vertically for free control.
Full-featured and easy to operate. The maximum support can be up to 64G. In general, there is no problem for half a month, and there is no need to drive computer video at all times. In addition, as long as the TF card is inserted, not only can the local video be recorded, but also the video playback can be viewed remotely, and the screenshots and video files captured during the alarm can be saved.
Diversified alarm equipment and alarm methods can meet the needs of users of different ages and different usage habits, and cost-effective.
Performance disadvantages:
It is not possible to rotate the pan/tilt frequently and continuously. If the pan/tilt is continuously turned, it will affect the display effect of the video screen.
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