A few days ago, according to statistics from Zhengzhou Customs, from January to September this year, Mengzhou completed a total import and export value of 390 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 70%, and exports earned 220 million US dollars. Both indicators are in the province's opening to the outside world. The first place in the county. So far, the city has won the “laurel crown” of the province for four consecutive years in the import and export of foreign trade.
A county-level city with small geographical area and no resources. After the foreign trade import and export volume exceeded 100 million yuan in 2005, it maintained a vigorous momentum of development. It increased at a rate of 56% every year. In 2009, the economic outward degree reached 21.7. %, 20.3 percentage points higher than 1.4% in 2000. What is the mystery of Mengzhou’s success?
"Without mystery, we are only actively implementing the big open strategy, making full use of the domestic and international markets, persisting in cultivating the leading, promoting innovation, improving service, and embarking on a road of development that seeks development through external efforts." Deputy Secretary of the Mengzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor Wei Chaojie interpreted the mystery behind the "four consecutive championships" for us.
Focusing on industrial education and leading the continuous expansion of foreign trade exports. It was once a hand-worked enterprise in the Sangpo Village of Mengzhou. With the active guidance of the local municipal party committee and the municipal government, it moved to the industrial agglomeration area and developed. It has become the largest fur processing enterprise in Asia; it used to be a “middle factory” for raw skin processing. Today, with the extension of the industrial chain and the development of terminal products, foreign trade exports account for half of the city's total exports. It is the Jiaozuo Longfeng Fur Co., Ltd. located in the industrial cluster area of ​​Mengzhou City.
From the development track of Longfeng Fur Co., we can see that the decision-making layer of Mengzhou City cultivates a clear and outgoing idea of ​​a large export-oriented economy, that is: to change the market into resources, encourage enterprises to take the "two-outside" development route, and actively cultivate Leading foreign trade enterprise.
The city relies on the four pillar industries of auto parts, bio-chemicals, agricultural and sideline products processing and fur processing to guide enterprises to do a good job in project construction, and to achieve the strength of Mengzhou's foreign trade through the expansion of the leading role. In order to realize the scale expansion of Longfeng Fur Co., the city urged the company to complete the first, second, third and fourth phase expansion projects with a total investment of over 200 million yuan, which has doubled the company's scale. In the following two years, the city made a match and promoted the “marriage” between Longfeng and the Spanish Gome Group. The joint venture between the two parties was 1.02 billion yuan to implement an annual output of 10 million high-grade garment leather projects. At present, the project has been partially completed and put into production. After putting into production, the annual output value will be 1.3 billion yuan and the profit and tax will be 320 million yuan. Subsequently, it helped Longfeng to introduce the world's top 500 companies, Dexter, and the joint venture of 1.06 billion yuan to implement an annual production of 10 million pairs of high-end footwear projects. After the project is put into production, Longfeng will have 20 world-class production lines. The rapid transition from the initial processing of fur to the end products has been completed, and the number of export products has increased to more than one thousand varieties in seven categories. The company's export earnings earned its first place in Mengzhou for years. From January to September this year, the company achieved export earnings of US$123 million, accounting for 51% of Mengzhou's total foreign exchange earnings.
In the machining industry, the city has made great efforts to support the development of Zhongyuan Internal Co., Ltd., which has promoted the implementation of GKN and 10 million injection cylinder liners. In 2009, the company achieved sales revenue of 2.4 billion yuan. Foreign exchange earned 42 million US dollars, an increase of 1714% and 7000% compared with 2002. At present, the company's total investment of 2.2 billion yuan is going on. After the project is fully completed, the company will accelerate its development into the world's number one enterprise group in the cylinder liner industry.
"Selecting the UK GKN is equivalent to having the European market for cylinder liner sales. The Central Plains has opened a precedent for large-scale exports." Wang Zhongying, chief engineer of the Central Plains Company, did not hide the rich "dowry" brought by the marriage. With the completion and commissioning of the project, GKN has become one of the fastest growing companies in Mengzhou.
The dragon head dances. At present, the city has cultivated 75 foreign-related enterprises above designated size, which has boosted the strong growth of Mengzhou's foreign trade export scale.
Highlighting science and technology for innovation and accelerating the optimization of export product structure Recently, the post-doctoral workstation of Zhongyuan Co., Ltd. exposed the new highlights of the company's technology research and development. The high-strength low-alloy project developed by the company has begun to be used in production. the company. With the official commissioning of the project, the company will increase its sales income by 15 million yuan per year for the company in the Central Plains, and realize export earnings of 4 million US dollars.
This is only a microcosm of Mengzhou City's strategy of implementing science and technology trade.
The city actively guides enterprises to take the international market as the guide, strengthen the development of new products, improve the technical content and added value of export products, and build "engine cylinder liner engineering, superhard material engineering, biochemical engineering, fur processing technology engineering, There are 4 provincial-level R&D centers, 22 new-level R&D centers, and 22 post-doctoral workstations in the Central Plains. The post-doctoral research and development base in Henan Province was established in Tailijie and Huaxing to provide product innovation. Inexhaustible power.
"As a high-tech enterprise, the role of technological innovation in the development of enterprises is self-evident, and it is also the driving force for the activation of foreign trade exports." Li Jianlin, general manager of Mengzhou Feimeng Company said. From a loss-making enterprise to China's largest manufacturer of diamond abrasives and cubic boron nitride abrasives for grinding wheels, the annual output value has exceeded 10,000 yuan, and it has doubled in one year. It is expected to reach 300 million yuan this year. The strong support is due to technological innovation. In recent years, Feimeng has established cooperative relations with Jiangnan University, Henan University of Science and Technology and other high-level research institutes. (Upper first edition) has produced a single diamond saw blade product by strengthening the research and development of hard materials. It has developed into a high-tech material industry that gradually extends to polycrystalline diamond, super-hard micro-powder, grinding rod products and high-end products, and has become a leading enterprise in the export of mechanical and electrical products in Mengzhou. This year, the company completed export earnings of 10.37 million US dollars, accounting for 22.3% of the total exports of mechanical and electrical products in Mengzhou.
Zhongyuan Internal Distribution Company has invested more than 5% of annual sales revenue in science and technology. It has independently developed MS502 new material cylinder liner, American Cummins ISL9.5L product, multi-alloy bainite gray cast iron material, etc., and obtained 40 countries. The patent has the right to speak in the cylinder liner industry of the national internal combustion engine, and has become the engine component enterprise that is exclusively equipped with international famous companies such as Ford, GM, Chrysler, German Mercedes-Benz, Italian Fiat, etc., and enters the global procurement system. From January to September this year, the company achieved a foreign exchange earning of 29.21 million US dollars, an increase of 85.4%.
At the same time, Mengzhou City actively carried out brand innovation, encouraged foreign trade enterprises to create independent export brands, “Longfeng Brand” sheep shearing from Jiaozuo Longfeng Fur Co., Ltd., and “Heyang Brand” of Henan Zhongyuan Internal Distribution Co., Ltd. "Cylinder liners were rated as "Henan Export Famous Brand Products", and the proportion of export value of foreign trade enterprises using their own brands in the city's export volume has increased year by year.
Science and technology innovation enriches the types of export products. The export product structure of Mengzhou City has been developed from the original single sheep shearing products to more than 20 varieties of cylinder liner, diamond, beta-cyclodextrin and water-soluble dietary fiber. Innovation has inserted the wings of Mengzhou's foreign trade export. This year, the city's high-tech products completed export earnings of 52.76 million US dollars, accounting for 23.9% of total exports.
Highlighting the service creation environment and fully tapping the export growth point In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, Mengzhou City has developed a unique path to create a soft environment with a hard wrist and a soft environment, and establish a “Mengzhou environment”. The brand has cultivated a new growth point of foreign trade export with a high-quality service environment.
"For new export enterprises, we implement one-stop full-service agency services, from handling import and export registration and registration, to accompanying customs, foreign exchange, taxation and electronic ports, and so on, until negotiations, customs declaration, commodity inspection, tax refund, etc. Providing services for corporate exports." Recently, the person in charge of the city's business department said. This year, the city's Guangji Pharmaceutical and Gelemei have successively achieved self-operated exports, with exports reaching US$1.72 million, making it a new force for exporting foreign exchange in Mengzhou.
In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of enterprises for export, the various departments of the city have continuously increased their assistance in helping enterprises to raise funds and implement preferential policies, and formed a strong external boost.
The city increased the propaganda of foreign trade exports, actively expanded the export team, and strived to declare one, obtain one, and export one. Now the city has more than 290 self-operated import and export enterprises, and newly added export performance enterprises in the past three years. 56 enterprises increased exports by 34.12 million US dollars, driving the city's export growth by 8.6 percentage points; and set aside 2 million yuan to set up a special foreign trade export fund to provide key support to enterprises with potential products and development potential to help them cope with changes in the international market; Organize foreign trade export enterprises to participate in various economic and trade negotiation activities and enhance the influence of enterprises participating in international competition. This year, more than 20 foreign trade enterprises have been organized to participate in various economic and trade fairs, and 23 projects have been signed. The total investment of the project is 6.4 billion yuan. Overseas investment reached US$93.75 million; actively providing preferential policy consultation and business guidance services for import and export enterprises, striving for provincial and municipal policy funding support. In recent years, it has implemented a total of 78.848 million yuan of foreign trade import and export policy funds. He has been fighting for industrial transfer for foreign trade companies such as Guangji Pharmaceutical, Sanli Hi-Tech, Ge Lemei, and Magnetite. Capital of 200 million yuan, encourage enterprises to seize the high ground of the market.
"Mengzhou is the world's Mengzhou, and the world is the world of Mengzhou." With the pace of opening up to the outside world, Mengzhou people are getting more and more. Now, with the total investment of 450 million yuan, the Rare Earth Company's tooling project, the 620 million yuan of Guangji Pharmaceutical riboflavin project, and the total investment of 1.06 billion yuan of Heyang Alcohol Company's ethylene glycol project have started construction. A number of new export industry clusters are emerging on the land of Mengzhou.

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