Precautions for mixed application


      The so-called fertilizer application is based on soil conditions, crop growth needs, nutrient supply, two or more fertilizers with different properties and different functions, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium fertilizer, or quick-acting fertilizer and late-acting fertilizer, or Organic fertilizer is mixed with inorganic fertilizer, micro-fertilizer and growth hormone.


      (1) Mixed application should be highly targeted and must be suitable for crop nutrient and soil fertility conditions;


      (2) After mixing, it is necessary to achieve the effect of complementing each other, so that the physical properties of the fertilizer are improved;


      (3) It is necessary to promote mutual efficiency and not reduce the fertilizer efficiency of any of these fertilizers, and truly realize the expectation of “one application of multiple effects”.


      Mixing between fertilizers, including micro-fertilizers, micro-fertilizers and common fertilizers, must be followed by the following principles:


      Main principles of mixed application


      (1) Zinc fertilizer should not be mixed with alkaline fertilizers such as ammonia water. It is best not to mix with soluble phosphate fertilizer such as calcium phosphate to avoid the formation of zinc phosphate precipitation and reduce fertilizer efficiency;


      (2) When mixing and applying trace element fertilizers, the concentration and dosage should not exceed the specified amount. Otherwise, seeds soaked and seeded after seeding will not emerge, and foliar spray will cause damage such as burning seedlings;


      (3) It is best not to mix trace element fertilizer with grass ash;


       (4) When all kinds of micro-fertilizers are mixed with soil and fertilizer, they should be diluted gradually, fully and evenly. It is best to mix well with a small amount of fine soil and then mix with soil and fertilizer.


      (5) When the micro-fertilizer is sprayed on water or mixed with manure, it should be firstly mixed with a small amount of water, then added to clean water, manure water and fully stirred before application, so as not to cause burning and burning.

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