Fingerprint door locks have certain advantages over similar products in terms of fingerprint recognition module, planning concept, appearance appearance, appearance disposal, lock core skills, clutch skills, and appearance skills. You need to know these six questions about fingerprint locks.

Six questions about fingerprint locks

1. Why is the keyhole of the fingerprint lock hidden?

Mechanical locks require the use of a key to open the door. Therefore, the opening part of the keyhole must be exposed, which makes the thieves have a chance. Unlike mechanical locks, fingerprint locks require the use of fingerprints or passwords to open the door. His collection is outside the door, and the central control part is inside, so you don't have to worry about the malicious destruction of the thief.

Therefore, it is necessary to shade the keyhole of the fingerprint lock and add the difficulty of shading. Since the key is only used in emergency situations, it is usually not necessary.


2. Now that the house is locked, if you want to change your fingerprint lock, do you want to change the door from scratch?

There is no need to change the door from scratch. Most of them can be directly changed. If you can't do it, you can punch it from the beginning (if the original hole position can't match your needs today).

3, fingerprint lock why add slider maintenance function?

Fingerprint locks are usually used for about ten years, and the demand is used for a long time. It is necessary to properly maintain the passwords and display screens and fingerprint heads. Although the fingerprint heads have certain damage resistance, the wind is always blowing. Sun exposure and dust, together with children's non-thinking movements, will add difficulty to the maintenance of the fingerprint lock more or less, just like summer and winter needs an umbrella to block the sun or rain.

4. What are the expandable features of fingerprint door locks?

Fingerprint door locks can be directly linked to all functions of the smart home to make linkage alarms. For example, wireless linking with visual intercom extensions can be used. When someone is not legally open, he or she can directly tell the property management office. You can also set the clamped open fingerprints when someone clamps them. When you open the door and you use the fingerprints, the security of the property management office is known. Although the smart home is not just being developed in China, we will not only advance our intelligence and humanization of fingerprint locks according to your needs.

5, I use the normal lock is also used, with a mechanical lock is also used, why spend so much money to buy fingerprint lock ah?

Fingerprint locks are significantly more secure and faster than regular door locks, and are a symbol of noble status. With the development of science and technology, intelligent door locks instead of mechanical door locks are inevitable development trends. In many foreign countries, smart door locks are used to make life more comfortable and faster.

For example, if you buy a safe one year for your car, you are willing to pay 5,000 yuan, and if you buy a ten year safe for your home, it costs only 2,000 yuan. I think that this decade will surely give your family Convenient and convenient, it can improve your working efficiency at the moment and will not let you spend any time worrying about the keys.

6, fingerprint lock is a smart product, how to do?

Full Chinese display, follow the prompts. The professional installer will teach you the first time you have installed the fingerprint lock, and it will be matched with detailed instructions. Both the elderly and children will use it easily.

The six questions about fingerprint locks are related to many aspects of consumers' daily life. Consumers must understand clearly.

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