Smart home can cure mobile phone dependence?

Do you have cell phone dependence? Every day you sit on the subway and you see that many people are playing with their mobile phones. They are either swiping friends, microblogging, or watching videos, even on the crowded lines 10 and 13. Out of place holding a mobile phone to watch video, these people have a common code - the bow family.

Some people are constantly brushing the WeChat circle of friends every day. Even every five minutes they have to see if there is any reply or "red dot" in the circle of friends. You may have encountered such people. They also use mobile phones in the bathroom, while brushing news to solve personal problems. In my opinion, these people, they have a serious dependence on mobile phones, no matter what they have to hold mobile phones, it is no exaggeration to say that this is a disease, get rule!

Responsibility for mobile phone dependence can not blame itself, but now many products are centered on mobile phone development, mobile phone integration features are more and more, and even can achieve mobile office. In terms of smart homes, almost all products are developed around mobile terminals. They range from a light bulb to a television, refrigerator, washing machine, etc. As long as the electric appliances are placed at home, they can be remotely controlled by mobile phones.

Cell phone dependence is a disease! Smart home rule "go to mobile"

It seems that it is not easy to cure this cell phone dependence. Manufacturers are constantly integrating products into mobile phones. It is even less realistic for consumers to buy them. Dependency has fallen into a dead-end pattern from now on. How to get rid of it is only a matter of product.

Smart home products are kidnapped by mobile phones. There is a lack of a unified management platform for smart home products. Therefore, a smart device corresponds to a product. Even a manufacturer with a rich product variety, there is no smart phone, socket, and air detection. Alarms, light bulbs, etc. are integrated together.

The smart socket relies on the most serious mobile phones. Based on the current technology, the smart home products have poor linkage, and it is theoretically more practical than practical to attempt to connect without a mobile phone. Further users naturally become the slaves of mobile phones, not only smart home products, even users are naturally kidnapped by mobile phones.

Is it possible for smart homes to “go to mobile phones”? In order not to become a mobile phone addiction disorder, the idea is to try to get rid of bad habits that rely on mobile phones from smart home products. So, what can be implemented?

Allowing product-aware needs The definition of home-product intelligence is not about switching the switch from the wall to the phone, but rather letting the product perceive your needs. Taking Alba as an example, this is a smart light bulb that is perceived through motion. The product has a built-in motion sensor and light sensor. These two kinds of sensors make it not only can adjust the brightness of the light bulb according to the collected light information, but also can accurately determine whether there are people in the room. In order to turn on the lights when the user enters the room, turn off the lights when going out.

Cell phone dependence is a disease! Smart home rule "go to mobile"

This is not much, smarter products are when you use a period of time, you can record your schedule, after the formation of rules will automatically turn on the lights for you. Smart light bulbs relying on perception are not many at present, and they are expensive. The price of two light bulbs + control center is about 150 US dollars.

If the product does not reach the level of intelligence, then it is better to get rid of the long-term dependence of mobile phones on mobile phones. Taking the smart socket as an example, most of the APPs support the setting of the profile mode. The home appliances can be turned on/off through a preset time. Multiple smart outlets can be defined in multiple scenarios.

Cell phone dependence is a disease! Smart home rule "go to mobile"

Whether it is through technology or software, smart home still presents an immature aspect. How to get rid of mobile phone dependence is the most important issue for smart homes. After all, intelligence is not only a change from fixed point to mobile, but also needs to adapt itself to consumers' needs. Only in this way can intelligence be called intelligence.

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