Manual road piles, movable road piles, fixed road piles, retractable road piles, warning piles, road piles, car stop piles, simple piles of square heads / activities of fixed road piles Applications: traffic crossing management / building protection cylinders Material: 304 steel/carbon steel Column height: 600mm (can be customized) Column diameter: 102,114,133,159,168mm,219 (can be customized) Column wall thickness: 2,4mm (can be customized) Surface treatment: Surface wire drawing processing/polishing/brushing Designated colors: Stainless steel products are used in: • Widely used on public and private road sections, parking areas, or just to protect areas that are not allowed to enter the vehicle. They can also be used as parking locks. Tips for installation of road piles: The installation workers can use the hammers and the expansion coils only after the simple drilling of the hard floor with the impact drill. Blocking roadblocks series: tire breakers, roadblocks, lifting road piles, simple road piles, collision walls, horses, etc.; criminal investigation and investigation series: traffic accident investigation box, trace detection box, forensic investigation box, criminal investigation consumables, etc. Anti-producing series: Anti-bee suits, acid-proof suits, heat-insulating suits, fire fighting suits, protective gloves, protective shoes, etc.; Electronic testing series: alcohol tester, speedometer, distance meter, searchlight, explosion-proof lamp, monitoring, etc.; Facility series: speed belt, anti-slippery, anti-collision bar, mirror, warning band, locator, etc.

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Brake Heavy Duty Caster

Brake Heavy Duty Caster,Heavy Duty Polyurethane Caster,Heavy Duty Swivel Caster,Brake Heavy Duty Wheel Caster

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