The use of smart door locks has become a trend, there are many types of smart door locks, consumers must be careful when buying, and keep more eye. How to choose smart door locks, Xiaobian share door locks to buy coups, teach you to get smart door locks in minutes.

Smart door lock purchase, it is easier to get started from the following aspects:

First, look at the material

The main materials for intelligent door locks are plastic, zinc alloy and stainless steel. Among them, the durability, fireproof and explosion-proof performance of plastics are the worst, followed by zinc alloys and stainless steel. According to the material to buy smart door locks, remember to "see the two knock three 掂" amount of the purchase word 诀.

A look: look at the appearance. The smart locks of the three materials are almost indistinguishable from the outside, thanks to the modern superb plating technology, which is made of different materials and looks almost similar to metal. The plastic smart lock generally has a smooth surface and bright color, while the zinc alloy is slightly rough and sub-colored, the stainless steel material is relatively uniform, and the stainless steel is made of 304 stainless steel.

Second knock: If it is difficult to "see" the smart door lock material, we can use "knock" to judge. Gently tap the side of the lock body with your fingers (the front side is difficult to judge due to different materials such as touch screens). If the sound is murky or empty, it is generally more likely to be a plastic product. Stainless steel smart door lock The sound of the tapping is sharper and concentrated, there is not much diffusion, and the penetrating power is better, and the zinc alloy has no sharpness in the sound of the two, but it is much clearer than the plastic products.

Three 掂 quantity: If you can't judge whether the smart door lock material is good or bad by using “see” and “knock”, you can directly “quantify the quantity”. Everyone knows that these three materials are light and heavy, and the plastic lock is even inside. The weight is very good (generally the plastic lock internal parts are also made of plastic or other inferior materials) and zinc alloy or stainless steel will still have a certain difference, you know it.

Smart door lock

Second, the test function

The "trial function" mentioned here refers to the reaction speed and accuracy of testing the smart lock fingerprint unlocking and password unlocking.

How to test the response speed and accuracy of fingerprint unlocking. Let the clerk enter your fingerprint first, which is also a step to verify the smart lock function. When recording fingerprints, observe the difficulty of the clerk entering the fingerprint. If a fingerprint is not recognized for many times, it can be judged that the resolution of the smart lock is not high (the higher the resolution, the more accurate the recognition, the faster the response, the security The better the sex). After entering the fingerprint, randomly test the smart lock to identify the correct fingerprint and the reaction speed. If it is clicked, then its response speed is fast, otherwise it is slow. The faster the reaction speed, the higher the resolution and the better the performance of the lock. In the same way, if you can quickly identify true intelligence, then its accuracy is good, and vice versa. It is best to try several times during the test. Only when you test a few times can you better identify the pros and cons.

Third, look at additional services

The high-tech nature of the intelligent door lock determines that it is not a general commodity, it needs to be installed by professional technicians to be used normally, and it needs professional solutions to meet the problems during use. Therefore, you must ask for the relevant installation when purchasing. After sales service.

If you don't know how to buy a smart door lock, try the method described above. It is worth noting that smart door locks belong to smart home products. Many merchants sell "smart" scorpions when they sell, but they can't really be smart. So be sure to carefully consider when buying, don't be fooled.

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