With the development of the times, many friends who have renovated have a certain understanding of terrazzo floor tiles. Now terrazzo floor tiles have been recognized and praised by more and more customers. So what about terrazzo floor tiles and terrazzo floor tiles? Let's learn about it together below.

How about terrazzo floor tiles

In fact, terrazzo floor tiles are relatively rare in the current market. Compared with the past, the use of floor tiles has been reduced a lot. Because he is made on site, the convenience is not so good. Its production materials are cement. The special rubber powder and all kinds of small stones were combined together and then ground. Finally, the entire sanding was formed by using a grinding machine. Although the manufacturing process is relatively complicated, it is necessary to polish a lot of it just to polish it. All over the place, and it must be maintained from time to time to ensure that his local finish is as good as new. In the present decoration, the cost of the general artificial decoration is always high, so the cost-effectiveness of terrazzo floor tiles is not very high, but it can be a large continuous area, which is a big advantage for him. There are also stronger than the other floor tiles, no radiation, you can also use different colors of small stones to decorate the floor tiles with different text and patterns, you can add a bright color for your home environment.

Terrazzo floor tile advantages

1, terrazzo floor tiles after the light treatment highlight brightness reached more than 70, dust-proof non-slip marble quality.

2, terrazzo floor tile surface hardness of 6-8, close to the surface of high hardness granite, wear resistance.

3, terrazzo floor tiles can be free to splicing color, color can be customized.

4, terrazzo floor tiles do not crack, not afraid of heavy rolling, not afraid of heavy objects drag, no shrinkage deformation.

5, terrazzo floor tiles can not afford dust, high cleanliness; cleanliness to meet the pharmaceutical, chip manufacturing and other high clean environment requirements.

6, terrazzo floor tiles are non-combustible, not angry, anti-aging, anti-fouling, corrosion resistance, no odor without any pollution.

7, terrazzo floor tiles bright and clean, if you need to improve the bright play ordinary floor wax (does not affect its anti-static properties).

8. The terrazzo floor tiles are flat and vertical, with no need for gaps between the compartments. The connection is dense and the overall appearance is good.

9. The terrazzo floor tile construction performance and mechanical performance are the same as the high-quality terrazzo floor used in various buildings. It conforms to the requirements of the national standard GB50209-2002 and meets the standard requirements of the JC507-1993 construction terrazzo products.

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