Nowadays, when it comes to kindergartens, I believe that everyone is familiar with it. It can be said that it is an enlightenment for children's education and it is also a playground for children. It is believed that everyone has also discovered that every kindergarten has a variety of wall paintings both in the exterior and in some corners. Then let's take a look at the four main points of kindergarten wall painting design and how the wall paintings appeal to children.

Four points of kindergarten wall painting design

1. Contents of wall painting should meet the psychology of young children

We all know that young children’s children are different from their primary and secondary students in terms of their mentality or other aspects. Therefore, when designing kindergarten wall paintings , the first thing to consider is whether the content of this mural conforms to the child’s psychology. They understand it and let them like it.

2, to reflect the kindergarten or related features

In order to design kindergarten wall paintings , in addition to considering the psychology of young children, the content should also have some characteristics. For example, you can draw some very interesting or very cartoon paintings, so that people can clearly determine this is a kindergarten. Of course, some concepts and placards for kindergartens can also be drawn.

3. The wall paintings on the interior wall must have educational significance

Some corners of the kindergarten, especially those that are easier to see, such as the wall of the foyer, the wall of the hallway, etc., are the most commonly seen by children, so when these walls are laid out, Can fully consider the educational significance of some special locations, so that children can see and hear, can receive education in the imperceptible.

4, wall painting material selection

In fact, this is still the most important, because we all know that children's immunity is not as big as children, and many of the decoration materials contain some toxic components, so when designing it is necessary to consider what materials to choose better. It is now generally using acrylic paints. There is also the need to choose a waterproof outer wall.

What kind of wall painting is more appealing to children

1, color beauty

Children's psychological cognitive ability is not as good as adults, and they are all colored in their world. Therefore, when painting kindergarten wall paintings , pay attention to the expression of color.

2, lively scene

Everyone knows that children in kindergartens especially like small animals that are happy and lively. Therefore, when painting kindergarten wall paintings , you can consider these animals as the theme. This will not only attract the children's attention, but also help the children to know more small animals. Of course, this can also be a good way to create a vibrant atmosphere of kindergarten.

Conclusion: Kindergarten is the first school education environment that children and young children come into contact with. Therefore, when designing, children must be the main body. Based on their knowledge and understanding, they can create a relaxed and active environment for young children. The kindergarten wall painting is an important point.

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