Abstract In the late summer and early autumn seasons, Yudu Zhengzhou is still hot, but in the face of the enthusiasm of the Yuanfa team, this high temperature can only be ignored. On August 18th, Henan Yuanfa Information Technology Co., Ltd. (owned by: China Superhard Materials Network, China Abrasives Net, China Coated Grinding...
In this late summer and early autumn season, Yudu Zhengzhou is still hot, but in the face of the enthusiasm of the Yuanfa team, this high temperature can only be far behind. On August 18th, Henan Yuanfa Information Technology Co., Ltd. (owned by: China Superhard Materials Network, China Abrasives Network, China Coated Abrasives Network, One Diamond Mall, etc.) a unique "House Party" in Zhengzhou Jingshui Garden bursts into summer.
At 9 o'clock in the morning, the Yuanfa team drove the three-way army to Jingshui Garden according to the pre-planned route to start the day's activity tour. At about 10 am, the team members were assembled and the squad was officially lit. The event was held at the William Fort Villa in Jingshui Garden, and the theme was the most popular “bang party”. The three-storey villas were built into home theater, space rest, tea room, KTV room and chess. Other activities such as room, restaurant, kitchen and somatosensory games, billiards, table football, etc., meet the different entertainment needs of employees.

Hey, open a "bang party" in William's Castle, tall!

Master showdown! (Editor's internal news: This game played for two hours... 嘘...)

Sister, do you take the bow? . . . Stand the sofa. . . Ok, okay, my sister is happy.

Mahjong three missing one!

come on! A contest between men! Ready? ~GO!
The most beautiful back! pay tribute! (sincere face)
Under normal working conditions, every employee of Yuanfa is a dedicated worker, and in this happy occasion, everyone has changed and changed their minds. In the kitchen, Shi always cooks his own cooking skills. The website consultant Lu Zong is not to be outdone. He offers his own good food for everyone. The director of the office, Nana, also turned into a knife, and the friends can’t help but secretly You can enjoy the treatment of the emperor; in the chess room, KTV room, billiard room, cinema, and somatosensory game machine, there are also many members of the group. Everyone takes advantage of this rare opportunity to enjoy their talents: three or two films. Appreciation, game PK, billiards fighting, four-person group of South and North card skills competition, many people are screaming high songs, showing singing.

At lunch time, everyone gathered in the restaurant, set the table, and placed the tableware. At this time, the chefs’ enthusiasm was already fragrant, and the little friends were so impatient that they only had to send the “open meal” order to taste this delicious. Good food. Of course, the variety of lunch is also very rich, spicy crayfish, cola chicken wings, clear stewed pork ribs, Furong pig feet, sweet and sour diced, beer drinks and so on.
The bang party event lasted until 5:00 pm. In this event, everyone not only experienced the friendship between the company's employees, but also enhanced the company's cohesiveness and centripetal force, and the company specially invited employees' families to participate in the "House." Party", this also deeply reflects that Yuanfa is not only the cause of all employees, but also the home of all employees. Henan Yuanfa Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been established for 18 years. The company is based on super-hard materials and products, abrasives and coated abrasives. It is not only in the forefront of professional information technology, but also very important for employees' daily life. Concern, full of vitality and passion, employees will exert greater creativity and value in their work. Only through the coordination of excellent individuals and teams can we better promote the professional information platform to achieve better development and long-term progress.
In this event, Yuanfa designed a brand new website banner, and the information platform will serve the industry with a new look!
The battle flag flutters and the sword refers to the future!

Of course, the photos of the United States and the United States should be put a few more times! Far from cheering!

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