Stanford University researchers on the 26th in the "Nature" magazine introduced a new energy-saving materials, which allows buildings in the summer without the use of electricity to achieve "passive cooling" effect, to achieve a real energy-saving emission reduction .

The new energy-saving material is an ultra-thin film consisting of 7 layers of different materials, including silicon dioxide and germanium dioxide, with a total thickness of no more than 2 microns.

In the experiment, the researchers placed the material on the roof of the building. It can simultaneously scatter the infrared light inside the building and reflect the external sunlight, so that the roof temperature is 5 degrees Celsius lower than the ambient air temperature. Infrared light comes from the thermal radiation emitted by objects at room temperature.

Stanford University professor Fan Yan, who led the research team, told Xinhua News Agency that radiation cooling technology has been used for many years and is common in buildings. However, the new energy-saving materials they developed also reflect visible light, and it is unprecedented that these two technologies can be combined. (Reporter Ma Dan)

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