Formula fertilization is based on the crop fertilizer requirement, soil fertility performance and fertilizer effect. Under the premise of applying organic fertilizer, the suitable dosage and ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer and corresponding fertilization techniques are proposed. Compared with farmers' experience in fertilization, its remarkable feature is the quantification of fertilization, which has obvious effects on overcoming blind fertilization, and has the combined effects of increasing production, reducing fertilizer, increasing income and improving fertilizer utilization.


Formulated fertilizer is based on soil testing and field testing. According to crop fertilizer requirements, soil fertility performance and fertilizer effect, various elemental fertilizers and/or compound fertilizers are used as raw materials, and blending or granulation processes are used. Fertilizers suitable for specific areas, specific crops.


In several stages of wheat growth, emergence to greening is seedling stage, mainly vegetative growth; jointing to heading is a vigorous growth period, vegetative growth and reproductive growth go hand in hand, growth rate is fast; flowering to maturity is late growth stage. It grows slowly before returning to green, and the demand for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is small. From the jointing to the flowering stage, it is the most vigorous period of wheat metabolism. Therefore, it is the key to high yield of wheat to apply enough base fertilizer and timely topdressing, especially to catch the joint fertilizer. According to the fertilizer requirement of winter wheat, the following points should be taken when fertilizing:


   1. Pay attention to the application of organic fertilizer. High-yield wheat fields generally pay attention to the application of organic fertilizer. Usually, the recommended dosage of high-quality farmyard manure is 2,500 kg / mu, and the recommended amount of commercial organic fertilizer is 500 kg / mu. Because organic fertilizer gradually decomposes and releases nutrients under the action of microorganisms, it can provide sufficient nutrients for the whole growth period of winter wheat, and can also play a role in drought resistance and conservation in the dry years.


   2 , adhere to the application of organic fertilizer and formula fertilizer. In the base fertilizer of high-yield wheat fields, attention should be paid not only to the application of organic fertilizers, but also to the application of NPK fertilizers. Currently, Beijing soil nutrient soil and fertilizer station according to the results of each test district, four were developed for different soil fertility in wheat-use application-specific fertilizer formulas, respectively: N - P - K = 15-20-10; N - Phosphorus - potassium = 15-25-5 ; nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium = 18-22-5 ; nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium = 15-22-8 ; the recommended dosage of the above formula fertilizer is 20-30 kg / mu. At the same time, the base fertilizer should be properly applied to fully meet the maximum demand for phosphorus and potassium nutrients in the middle and late winter wheat, and lay a good foundation for high yield.


   3 , reasonable topdressing. The general wheat field should focus on returning green fertilizer, which can ensure that there are more tillers and spikes, which lays a good foundation for high yield. In the rejuvenation period, combined with irrigation and special application of fertilizer (nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium = 25-0-5 ) 15-20 kg / mu; combined with irrigation and special application of fertilizer in jointing stage (nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium = 25- 0-5 ) 20 kg / mu.


The high yield of wheat in the wheat field should be properly shifted. Because of the high soil fertility, the focus of topdressing should be placed in the jointing stage to ensure that on the basis of reasonable group structure, the ear, large grain, grain weight and high yield are obtained. Special formula fertilizer (nitrogen - phosphorus - potassium = 25-0-5 ) 35 kg / mu should be applied in conjunction with irrigation at jointing stage .
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