New homes will have to consider how to decorate. However, in order to make people shine, decoration must have bright spots. Tiles can play a big role in the entire renovation of a house because it can bring unexpected effects to the entire home. There are a lot of tile brands nowadays. How about Wrigley's tiles ? How to distinguish between good tiles and bad tiles? Let's look at it together with Xiaobian.

One, Wrigley's tile how

1. Wrigley tiles originated from Guangdong and the company’s headquarters is also located there. The company's unique mission, the introduction of advanced production technology to develop ceramic tiles, to create a good quality, high-end brand tiles. At the same time, it also continuously pays attention to the improvement of its own technological level, and applies the most desired combination of human beings to the design, so as to continuously innovate and produce more and more good products.

2. The company is based on natural and comfortable features and based on the industry. In order to meet the different needs of different people, the company will develop tiles of different qualities, different styles, and different colors each year to meet the needs of the general public and the market, and to continuously create a natural and comfortable living space.

Second, how to identify good and bad tiles

First of all, to see whether a Wrigley tile is good or bad, you can see whether the color is pure and even. In addition, through the way of touching, to observe whether the surface of the tile is delicate, it must be smooth and not rough to touch, and whether its cutting is very accurate, and it can be felt well by hand.

Second, pay attention to the glaze thickness of the tiles. The thicker the glaze, the better the quality. Then listen to identify, that is, by listening to the sound of the tiles is crisp. We can gently tap the tiles at the time of purchase. If the sound is crisp, it is the top grade. On the contrary, if the sound is dull, then it is the defective tile.

Finally, you can also identify the quality of the tiles by testing the water. When consumers select Wrigley tiles, they can pour some water on the selected tiles. Then, observe the absorption properties of the tiles, that is, the absorption is fast and slow. After placing it for a few minutes, the watermark is not obvious, but the inferior tile is the opposite, so watch carefully.

Editor's Note: The above is an introduction to Wrigley's tiles and how to distinguish good and bad tiles. In fact, Wrigley tiles have always been a good brand in the ceramic tile industry. Its products are not only ceramic tiles, but also sanitary ware, cabinets and other products. The scope involved is wider, so that more people can create a comfortable, natural and warm living space that is worthy of people’s choice.

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